Purposeful Asset Placement™

Our unique approach to investment allocation…

Many investment allocation strategies tend to focus on three main asset classes: stocks, bonds and cash. What makes our process so unique is that we divert from the investment allocation model commonly known as the “60/40” portfolio as we like to think a little further outside the box.

In modern economic times, the old way of thinking can sometimes leave investors stranded. Traditional models may at times feel as reliable as a commercial airline flight schedule. That’s why we created our asset allocation program known as Purposeful Asset Placement™. We feel today’s educated investors may need more meaningful diversification in efforts to lessen risk while endeavoring to achieve long term hopeful growth.

Of course, we continue to apply focused stock strategies along with tactical bond allocations. However we attempt to apply extra layers of diversification by allocating to assets less correlated with the traditional stock and bond markets with 3 main goals in mind:

  • Asset protection (subgoal: take pressure off of risk assets in volatile years)
  • Alternative Growth (subgoals: growth within multiple market cycles and reduce equity correlation)
  • Inflation, interest Rate and Tax Hedging (subgoals: to protect purchasing power and retain long term value)

The desired outcome is Diversified Investing. All within The Legacy Financial Partners’ Big Picture Blueprint financial planning process – created specifically for you to address your unique financial life.

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Asset Allocation or diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss; it is a method used to help manage risk.

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