What’s Ahead for the Stock Market in 2021?

what is Financial analysis in West Palm Beach?

Financial analysis in West Palm Beach shows that in November, the Dow experienced its best month since 1987, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes enjoyed their best month since April of this year.1  

With the election behind us and a vaccine on the horizon, the stock market has plenty to celebrate. Many consumers used the pandemic period to shore up their savings, which bodes well for their prosperity in the coming year 

what is Financial analysis in West Palm Beach?

What are the Positive Market Trends for 2021?  

There is a low chance of increased taxes or massive reforms given the divide in Congress, and while interest rates remain low, the home-buying market is poised to soar on renewed consumer confidence. All of these factors may be historically good news for investment markets.2 


How Does the Stock Market React to a New President?   

The stock market increases 82% of the time in the first year of new presidential terms,3 and the S&P 500 has averaged 11.7returns in the first year of every presidential term since the end of World War II, regardless of party affiliation. Furthermore, the S&P 500 has averaged 15.6returns with Democratic presidents compared to 10with Republican presidents. Industries like technology, health care, financials, and industrials tend to thrive under a Democratic president.4 

what is Financial analysis in West Palm Beach?

Want More In-Depth Financial Analysis in West Palm Beach, FL?   

Despite jobs and economic growth taking a hit in 2020, that fortunately wasn’t reflected in the stock market. For more insight on how to plan for the coming year, reach out to one of our financial advisors for a review today! 



Content prepared by Kara Stefan Communications.  

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